Questions & Answers

For residents and staff, we have provided answers to frequently asked questions and concerns about Alino Living. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Who is Alino Living?

    Alino Living is the combination of Adelene, CCCCA and Vietnam Veterans KPVCH. It is a new not-for-profit entity set up to encompass all three care organisations. In essence, Alino Living will become the umbrella organisation under which all facilities will sit.

  • What does Alino mean? / Why Alino Living?

    Alino is a play on the word aligned – a fitting representation of our new organisation given the merger encompasses three similarly aligned aged care providers.

  • Will other organisations/facilities join Alino Living in future?

    There are no plans at present for any further mergers.

  • Are there any plans to eventually close any facilities or move premises?

    No. We have no plans to close any of our facilities or move premises to new locations?

  • Do you have any plans to alter a facility?

    There are no plans at present to alter any facilities.

  • Will the facilities keep their names?

    Yes. All facilities will keep their names. Existing facilities will just be known as: [Name], part of Alino Living.

  • What is Alino Living envisioning for our future?

    Our future is bright! As a single, more resilient unit, the new organisation will be able to better deliver for residents, share and invest in greater resources and offer enhanced opportunities for staff to progress their careers here on the Coast.

    Alino Living organisation will now proudly become the third largest aged care organisation on the Central Coast, after two for-profit entities, and will be able to better lobby for and represent resident and staff interests to industry bodies and other stakeholders.

  • Who is the new CEO?

    There will be two joint CEOs, Greg Williams (currently CEO of CCCCA) and Justin Dover (currently CEO of Vietnam Veterans KPVCH and Adelene). Both have particular strengths, and their roles will encompass that. Combined, they will be able to give Alino Living the best possible leadership.